Like any gym equipment, over time it can become worn out, run down or even damaged. This is particularly the case if the machinery is being used on a regular basis by a significant amount of people every day. For example, gym equipment in a busy health club facility is likely to be being used extremely regularly therefore will be more prone to wear and tear. In this case it may need repairs to be carried out. Physique’s repairs services team will fix any worn out or damaged parts of your gym kit and equipment, in order to get them looking and working back to their optimum functioning status. For large scales gym and health club/ leisure facilities, we would recommend customers to set up a service agreement with Physique, in order to cover your equipment and enable us to reach you and fix any repairs that need doing within 48 hours of the call. These agreements cover call outs and any repairs that are needed to be dealt with, particular when they require immediate assistance. By setting up a repairs plan with Physique, you can avoid being stuck with any prolonged issues with your fitness equipment as well as fixing anything that may affect user experience at your facility. This can include anything from wear and tear, to a complete stripping down of the machine to replace broken parts and rebuilding it.

Our repairs team are extremely qualified and will be able to assist you with any concerns you have, however big or small the problem may be. We also work with service checklists, to ensure that nothing is missed and every potential problem is addressed. This includes checking the frame and structure of the gym equipment, identifying any scratches, cracks or damages, electrical checks, unusual noises, control panels and nuts and bolts of the machines or gym apparatus. Upon completion of our repairs visits and operations, we will be able to give you 100% peace of mind that your equipment is safe to be used again. We provide you and your facility with the necessary duty of care as part of your legal obligation to ensure a safe environment for your customers and staff. All repairs are carried out by a Physique qualified fitness equipment engineer.

Our specialist repairs team are incredibly professional, and will carry out a thorough check on your gym equipment to assess and ensure they are working to optimum functioning. In addition to our repairs services and maintenance measures, Physique Sports can also carry out a full refurb, in which we take your gym equipment to be entirely refurbished to reinstall back in to your gym to look brand new. The refurbishment process includes completely stripping down the machine or equipment, rebuilding, shot blasting and adding new upholstery for seats and head rests. The work and design can be tailored to your preference, replacing and applying new colour schemes and design logos. For more information on this, please contact our team today and we will be happy to assist you and answer your enquiry as soon as we possibly can. Our specialist team are extremely helpful and will make sure all of your enquiries are answered.