At Physique Sports we are specialists in creating a bespoke financial quote to fit your needs offering our services to first time gym fit out ventures to local authorities expanding leisure centres. Fill in the contact form today and make the most of the different payment solutions we can offer for the following services:

As we are a one stop shop to assist you with all aspects of the fitness suites, we can offer a range of services to help with design and installation of specialist gym machines. We totally understand the need to get more individuals involved in activity and hopefully we can help you design a new area which is a great business model. If you’d like to speak to one of our experts, please send us your details through the contact form and we’ll get back to you as quickly as possible with a helpful response.

Gym Equipment Hire

Hiring gymnasium equipment is very common in the UK because the machines become outdated pretty quickly. This means that the equipment can need replacing to make sure your facility is kept up to the best standards and this is why many choose the gym equipment hire service. When taking this leasing opportunity or hire package it includes upgrading the stations, and this can literally be for various types of brands including Intenza Fitness, Precor, Concept 2, Matrix Fitness, Impulse, Life Fitness and many other big names in the gym niche.

How can you make the most of the lease and hire packages available? This is one of the most common questions and this is very easy – If you fill in the contact form on this page we can assist you with every step of the process. At Physique Sports we work nationwide in the UK and have service level agreements already for servicing and maintenance contracts. Our team will be happy to help with any question you have so please enquire today and make the most of your gym facilities.