Here at Physique Sports, we offer a range of reconditioned and refurbished treadmills that include Life Fitness, Precor, Pulse Fitness and Technogym.

These running machines have been stripped down, cleaned and refurbished by our professional team. The products have gone through complete repair work to restore and improve the quality of them and ensure maximum performance for the individual using it.

All of our reconditioned gym equipment is checked thoroughly for any damaged parts, and are repaired at the highest standard. Our aesthetically pleasing designs can also be tailored to the customer’s preferred colour scheme, as well as providing the buyer with a variety of workout programmes to suit the clientele or individual.

This gym apparatus is often popular with leisure centres and health club managers as a more cost-effective way of buying equipment whilst still ensuring excellent value and bespoke finish of these products.

As well as being a fraction of the price of brand new machinery, we also include a full 12-month warranty with all refurbished running machines, as we always deliver fantastic quality products. We have worked with many gyms, leisure centres and home facilities as a specialist supplier for remodelled exercise equipment. You’ll be able to choose a personalised design for your machinery to ensure that they match any existing colour schemes in the facility.

If you’d like to speak to us about the cost of purchasing reconditioned treadmills, feel free to get in touch with us via the enquiry form. One of our experts will be happy to explain the refurbishment process and help you decide which products would be best to suit your budget.

Second Hand Running Machines

When purchasing second hand running machines or any other kind of equipment, safety and quality are imperative features that need to be guaranteed with purchase, particularly if the apparatus is being used in a facility by a large amount of people. Our team at Physique work extremely hard to achieve visually appealing cardiovascular equipment and will ensure that the original quality of the fitness machine is restored. Our remodelled running machines do not look used or worn down in any way, shape or form once they have been through the refurbishment process and are ready to be purchased. Whether or not it is for leisure centre use or personal use, Physique Sports’ remodelled treadmills are redesigned to suit your every need.

For further information, our professional team of experts have acquired extensive knowledge that can be tailored to answer anything you need to know regarding our refurbished treadmills, and can be contacted through filling out our short contact form. They will be more than happy to hear from you, advise you and answer any questions you may have in regards to cost, materials and design specifications. We may also be able to negotiate costs and prices to fit your budget and will provide you with more information in terms of what gym apparatus might be best suited to you and/ or your health club facility.