At Physique Sports we offer a range of fully refurbished spin bikes which can be purchased for health clubs, gyms and other fitness facilities. Each of the used exercise machines we offer has been through a rigorous cleaning and refurbishment process to give the equipment a new lease of life.

The spin bikes all have a range of features to allow the user a customised experience depending on preference and ability. The handlebars, seats and resistance levels can all be adjusted to suit each individual, which ensures a comfortable and beneficial experience for all users. Some of our reconditioned exercise bikes are designed to offer additional upper body training for a complete work out.

This is great for incorporating multiple uses in home gyms or facilities with limited space.During the remanufacturing of these fully refurbished spin bikes, we will clean the equipment and also apply a new paint application to match the client’s colour choice. This gives each fitness machine a bespoke look which suits the rest of the design in your gym or health centre.

We always supply a top quality product, and these spin bikes are no different. Made using lightweight materials with a fully adjustable design, the cycling machines are durable and resistant to wear and tear while still providing comfort and enjoyment for the user. Check out the fully refurbished spin bikes we have available today to look at in depth specifications and descriptions of the equipment.