Technogym Excite Upright Bike


Physique Sports provide a fully re-manufactured Technogym Excite Upright Bike that are competitive and affordable. In addition, we tailor our equipment to the customers individual colour scheme. At Physique Sports we pride ourselves in our quality driven reproduction processes, producing a high quality and market leading products. The EXCITE Bike has always offered an ergonomic, “real road” workout experience. And now it’s even better. A number of new features have been added to the bike, all of which enable your members to experience a variety of cycling environments – from an uphill sprint to an inner-city crawl. At the back end of the bike, new gel inserts in the saddle increase comfort, and a reduction in the distance between the pedals provides a more realistic cycling experience. And the seat height is now adjustable with one hand, in 12.5mm increments. At the front end, a new handlebar design, gives users the option to choose from three separate riding positions – standard, city and racing. The changes to the seat, handlebars and pedals combine to deliver a flexibility that will broaden the appeal of the bike, while still offering the high quality of biomechanical and ergonomic design you expect from all your Technogym equipment. As with all EXCITE equipment, a goal oriented display will help keep your members on track and motivated.


  • Special Features: new wider pedals with adjustable straps provide all the stability and support sportier riders need to cycle in full safety from a standing position. The 10 degree pedal incline towards the user makes it easier to slide the feet inside the pedals
  • Heart Rate Monitoring: Polar® Telemetry and Lifepulse™ Digital Heart Rate Monitoring
  • Power Requirements: Self Generating
  • Display Readouts: Goal oriented display – shows training progress based on time, distance, calories
  • Warranty: 12 months parts & labour
  • Delivery: Palleted Front door only with in 30 days

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If you’d like to speak to us about the cost of purchasing reconditioned exercise bikes, feel free to get in touch with us via the enquiry form. One of our experts will be happy to explain the refurbishment process and help you decide which products would be best to suit your budget.