Precor EFX 576I Cross Trainer Experience


Physique Sports provide a fully re-manufactured Precor EFX 576I Cross Trainer Experience that are competitive and affordable. . In addition, we tailor our equipment to the customers individual colour scheme. At Physique Sports we pride ourselves in our quality driven reproduction processes, producing a high quality and market leading products. Precor designed the industries first Cross Trainer. The EFX 546i features CrossRamp® technology which is unique to Precor (13 – 40 degree ramp).
  • Special Features: Durable 6-phase generator system with no contacting parts to reduce friction and wear provides 20 levels of resistance Stride lengths from 21.2 to 24.7-Inch and ramp incline from 15 to 40 degrees
  • Heart Rate Monitoring: Hand held heart rate and is equipped for Heart Rate telemetry uing Polar® technology
  • Workouts: 10 workout programs are available
  • Display Readout: 20 levels of resistance, 10 preset programs including 3 cross training, 1 fitness test, 1 manual
  • Display Type: Upgraded Console Bio-feedback center with SmartRate
  • Crossramp®: 15 – 40 degrees
  • Maximum User Weight: 350 lbs/159 Kg
  • Power Requirements: Self Powered
  • Dimensions: L 80’’ (203 cm) X W 32’’ (81 cm) X H 68’’ (173 cm)
  • Weight: 318 lbs (144 Kg)
  • Delivery: Palleted Front door only with in 30 days

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If you’d like to speak to us about the cost of purchasing reconditioned cross trainers, feel free to get in touch with us via the enquiry form. One of our experts will be happy to explain the refurbishment process and help you decide which products would be best to suit your budget.