Concept 2

With a range of specialist indoor rowing machines, Concept 2 focuses on aerobic fitness and full body workouts in commercial gyms and home facilities. Rowing is a sport which targets both upper and lower body strength; this is what makes these machines so popular for gym users. People often choose to incorporate rowing into their workout if they are looking to keep fit, lose weight, improve heart health and recover from injuries. Professional outdoor rowers will often use indoor machines as part of their training strategy as well. The settings on each of the Concept 2 indoor rowing machines can be adjusted to suit each person’s ability and preference. As the company have been manufacturing and supplying indoor rowing equipment since 1981, their products have developed into highly effective fitness machines which are enjoyed by many users. Feel free to contact us for details on costs and designs of the Concept 2 rowing machines, and take a look at the descriptions below to find out more on each product.

Concept 2 Model D Rower With Pm3 Monitor

Concept 2 Model D Rower With Pm3 Monitor Categories: Commercial Rowing Machines, New, Refurbished Gym Equipment Concept 2 Physique Sports provide a new or fully re-manufactured Concept 2