There aren’t many items of fitness equipment that can provide the level of whole body workout that a commercial rowing machine can. Rowing is on par with swimming in providing a thorough workout to almost all muscle groups in the body.

Unfortunately, not everyone can join a rowing crew or afford to buy the necessary equipment to go rowing on a lake or river. Commercial rowing machines provide an excellent alternative, without diminishing the quality and intensity of the workout in any way.

Commercial rowing machines provide low impact cardio training. It’s such an easy to use equipment that both beginners and professional athletes can draw benefit from it. In fact, several individual elements of a commercial rowing machine have been incorporated into many Crossfit workout routines, which shows how intense a rowing session can be.

A good-quality commercial rowing machine will be the perfect addition to your gym or health club. It’s also an ideal piece of equipment to have at a school or university gym facility.

While selecting a commercial rowing machine, you need to decide if you want a rowing machine with a high frame or low frame. It essentially indicates the distance off the ground. So, it’s easier to get on a rowing machine with a higher frame as compared to one with lower frame, as you won’t have to bend down as much.

A beginner might prefer a higher frame, while a professional athlete might prefer a lower frame. So, should you get both styles of rowing machines or one? We will help you navigate the differences and assist you in identifying the right commercial rowing machine for your gym facility.

At Physique Sports, we stock all leading commercial rowing machine brands. We will deliver it and install it at your premise. We will also service the commercial rowing machines to ensure they continue to perform at the top level.

If you’d like up to date pricing or want to speak with someone who can help, then get in touch with us today to learn more about what commercial rowing machines we can supply.