Weight benches are essential pieces of gym equipment. If the focus of your gym is geared towards weight training, then you will need top quality weight benches.

There are three primary types of gym benches or weight benches.

Olympic Benches

The first is the Olympic bench. It’s characterised by built on supports that can hold a 7-inch bar. Irrespective of the design and functionality of the Olympic bench, this aspect remains constant. Olympic benches can be a static flat, incline or decline bench, it can be an adjustable bench that lets you change the incline as per your requirement or it could be a shoulder press bench.

Adjustable Benches

The second is the commercial adjustable bench. These are meant for free weight exercises and can also be within a commercial squat rack set up.

Other Benches

The third is the other forms of commercial weight benches that don’t fall within the two previous categories.

You will need to plan out the entire weight training set up at your gym before you can get down to picking the set of weight benches to be installed. Don’t worry if you’re not quite sure which weight benches to install at your gym, because we will help you identify them and provide you with all the information you need.

At Physique Sports, we stock only the best quality weight benches meant for heavy duty weight training. All of the weight benches have undergone extensive testing to ensure that both the design of the bench and its construction can withstand the test of time.

We deliver and install the benches you purchase. We believe in building long lasting relations. So, we not only service the equipment sold by us but also help you maintain them properly.

We understand how critical top quality weight benches are to the success of your gym, so we have made it our business to deliver only the best.

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