Exercise bikes are great cardio training equipment. One can work out their core areas, along with their thigh muscles and calf muscles on a commercial exercise bike.

The quality of construction of a commercial exercise bike is far superior to those used at home. These are designed to withstand constant usage over long periods of time, which is the norm at a gym.

Different members will use the same exercise bike during a typical day at the gym and if the exercise bike isn’t well constructed and durable, it will not last long.

In terms of design, there are two primary types of commercial exercise bikes. The first and probably the most common type is the upright exercise bike. It mimics the experience of riding an actual bike. It’s possible to fully extend the legs on upright exercise bikes by standing on the pedals while cycling. It’s perfect for a thorough workout of the legs as well as the core. The second type of commercial exercise bike is the recumbent exercise bike. These allow the user to sit back and extend the legs in front while cycling. It provides a more thorough workout for the core muscle groups of the body.

All top-end commercial exercise bikes are equipped with touchscreen display consoles. These allow the user to monitor their performance and access entertainment options. Essential performance data such as distance covered, speed and heart rate are displayed on the consoles.

Besides this, commercial exercise bikes provide adjustable seats and comfortable saddles to enhance the biking experience. Some of the top end commercial exercise bikes allow the user to adjust seat positions with a single hand, allowing them to continue pedalling while making the adjustments. The other key feature that you need to take into consideration is the knee over pedal (KOPS) geometry of the exercise bike. This determines the comfort level of the pedalling experience.

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