Commercial Rowing Machines

There aren’t many items of fitness equipment that can provide the level of whole body workout that a commercial rowing machine can. Rowing is on par with swimming in providing a thorough workout to almost all muscle groups in the body. Unfortunately, not everyone can join a rowing crew or afford to buy the necessary […]

Commercial Cross Trainers

The popularity and demand for cross trainers has increased over the past few years. Commercial cross trainers allow users to perform a variety of workout routines on a single piece of equipment. Keeping pace with the demand for cross trainers among fitness enthusiasts, commercial cross trainer manufacturers have added a variety of new features. This […]

Commercial Gym Benches

Weight benches are essential pieces of gym equipment. If the focus of your gym is geared towards weight training, then you will need top quality weight benches. There are three primary types of gym benches or weight benches. Olympic Benches The first is the Olympic bench. It’s characterised by built on supports that can hold […]

Commercial Exercise Bikes

Exercise bikes are great cardio training equipment. One can work out their core areas, along with their thigh muscles and calf muscles on a commercial exercise bike. The quality of construction of a commercial exercise bike is far superior to those used at home. These are designed to withstand constant usage over long periods of […]

Core Gym Equipment

Core Gym Equipment is British manufactured fully commercial gym equipment. Utilising CNC (computer numerically controlled) manufacturing methods, Core offers precision made equipment, using features like tube laser tab interlocking systems to ensure that the equipment is built to extremely high levels of accuracy. As well as laser cutting, turned and machined items are also done […]

Commercial Treadmills

A professional gym is incomplete without treadmills. Running on a treadmill is one of the best forms of cardio training and exercise. The cardio session is an integral and critical part of any workout routine, but not everyone has easy access to a safe outdoor space large enough for proper cardio training. Treadmills solve that […]

Wide Chest Press 3000 Series

Wide Chest Press 300 Series Category: 3000 Series The Wide Chest Press 3000 Series is designed with both the facility owner and user in mind and manufactured for commercial gym use. Each piece of equipment is assembled and set up, to guarantee fit and function before leaving the premises. While trying to keep prices competitive and […]