Top tips for healthy living this Summer

6 Top Tips for Healthy Living So summer is here and as well as wanting to look good- we want you to feel good too! Healthy living , for some individauls, is easier said than done! When it comes to living a healthy lifestyle that is exactly what it is- a lifestyle! No fad diets, […]

Why do we need protein in our diet?

Why is protein so important? Protein is absolutely essential for every cell in the body… they are the building blocks that our bodies use to build and repair cells and tissues (muscle) and carry out the instructions of DNA. Made up of hundreds of different amino acids, protein is also required for the body’s function […]

Clean eating diet

HOW TO EAT CLEAN What is ‘clean eating’? ‘Clean eating’ refers to the practice of consuming unrefined foods, thus avoiding simple or processed sugars, and basing your diet on whole foods. But clean eating is not just about weight loss. Clearing your diet of all things toxic can support proper nutrition, remove bad toxins and […]

10 ways to boost your metabolism

Metabolism plays a huge part in the way your body functions, and how you use and digest the food you’re eating. Boosting your metabolism will help improve your digestive system however, you need to be making healthy choices in order for this to happen. There are many ways in which we can help keep our […]

Mental health benefits of exercise

We all know that working out and exercising has a positive impact on our wellbeing physically…Physical activity can boost endurance, flexibility, help you build muscle and lose weight. However, partaking in regular exercise isn’t just good for our physical appearance it is also extremely beneficial for ones mental wellbeing as well. In fact, not being […]

Types of Exercise for Healthy Lifestyles

Exercise equipment is designed to increase health and fitness within sports athletes and the general public. You will find a large range of different machines that can be used to help improve strength and flexibility of several distinct muscles. Gym equipment is built to assist in improving fitness in the 3 key sorts of activity, […]