What to Eat Before Going to the Gym

Professional athletes, amateur fitness enthusiasts and beginners, all need to be mindful of what they eat before going to the gym. Eating right before working out helps your body to perform better during the workout and recover better after the workout. You will be able to run that extra mile on the treadmill and at […]

Balanced Diet and Regular Exercise

You need to make sure that you carry out a regular exercise to stay fit and healthy. If you are planning on losing weight, it is important that you know that a healthy diet and frequent exercise is essential, and should become a life choice rather than a temporary action, as a ‘quick fix’ will […]

Abs are made in the kitchen

Looking to define your abs or achieve a six-pack? You need to start by looking at your diet in terms of the food you fuel your body with before and after your workout. Have you ever looked at that last slice of pizza and thought ‘well I can burn that off on the treadmill later’? […]

What to Eat before and after the Gym

What you eat and when you eat it plays an important role in determining how effective your workout sessions at the gym are. Food fuels our muscles to work harder and longer. It also helps the muscles and the overall body recover after a session at the gym. Pre-Workout Nutrition If you workout on an […]

Nutrition for Sport and Exercise

We should all be aiming to look after and nourish our bodies, and food and nutrition of course has a huge role to play in this. We also need to be mindful of the fact that we should be eating to match our energy needs, particularly if you are very active. When exercising, your body […]

Benefits of transforming your business space into a corporate gym

It has now become a growing trend for us to become more and more health and fitness conscious. This is why as an employer you may want to consider turning any unused space into a commercial gym for your employees. There are many benefits of transforming your business space into a corporate gym. Investing into […]

From A World Class Training Studio To A World Class Gym

Equilibrium Gym and Fitness Physique Sports were delighted to be approached to help consult and supply gym equipment in regards to the transformation of this outstanding, world class gym. The vision for the new Equilibrium Gym and Fitness was evident from the start with the ambitious management team knowing the journey that they wanted to […]

Importance Of Protein

How protein benefits your overall health and physical performance is crucial to understand. Whether you’re, let’s say, a weekend warrior or you’re trying to lose weight or you’re an athlete, protein is important for everybody and just about everyone is deficient in quality protein in their diet. I’m going to go over how to get […]

School Gym Equipment

Physique Sports is the UK’s largest independent gym equipment supplier of new and refurbished equipment. We specialise in a diverse range of new and used gym equipment for schools. We are well known for our exceptional equipment and services, always over delivering rather than over promising for school gym equipment. The health of young people […]

Vision Fitness

Ollie from Vision Fitness wanted to create an outstanding establishment that not only he would be proud of but also his clients would be proud to be apart of. Ollie began envisioning and creating his dream gym long ago but the initial project for Vision Fitness began in April 2017. It was being completely redesigned […]