If you are looking to design a commercial gym facility, Physique Sports offer specialist services to create 3D drawings and plans with all of the different features and equipment you want to include. It can be difficult to create a design for a completely new gym from scratch with nothing to work from, so we’ll help you through this process and make it a lot easier. Our prices vary for each project so feel free to contact us and we’ll discuss a quote for designing your commercial gym.

As each fitness centre will be completely different, you’ll need a unique design and layout plan which suits your budget and the available space you are looking to fill. You’ll be able to select a range of features and pieces of equipment to suit your business and target clients. We can incorporate a range of fitness equipment into the design, including treadmills, spin bikes, cross trainers, free weights and resistance machines. Whatever products you are looking to have installed for your gym, we’ll fit them into a detailed floor plan to show you a 3D design of how the facility will look.

Our commercial gym design service can help you decide on how your facility looks, the number of machines you’ll need and how everything will be organised. Please fill in our contact form to speak to an expert about the costs of our specialist design services.

3D Fitness Club Plan

If you need help with creating a 3D plan for your fitness club or home gym, we’ll put together a bespoke design using your floor plans for as much accuracy as possible. Many gym owners who are looking to build a new facility or completely renovate an existing one will need a plan which is clear to see and easy to follow. During the planning process, things can be easily missed of you don’t have a 3D image of the room to look at. With a detailed fitness club plan you’ll be able to see any issues with access, space and overall design of the facility so things can be rearranged and dealt with before building begins.

The commercial gym designs we offer will include all of the different pieces of equipment you’re looking to put into the facility, as well as things like exits, disabled access and flooring types. Feel free to get in touch with our team if you would like us to create a 3D plan for your fitness club or gym facility. We’ll get back to you with a helpful response detailing the costs and different services that are available.

Success Stories from our CAD designs

We have had a number of successful stories from our CAD designs and how they helped visual the layout and structure of many different clubs. Vision Fitness was being created from an old barn in Henham and Ollie Emsden the owner had a very specifc style and atmosphere he wanted created though out his new gym. The CAD designs gave Ollie the the advantage on his plans and he was then able to use his time more efficiently. Mac’s Strength and Performance Gym in Shildon was being renovated from a warehouse with an authentic and rustic edge. With our gym CAD designs, Rob Morgan was able to plan a head on the equipment and layout that worked best for his project.

Get in touch with our team today on 01282 856830 and find out how we can help plan and design your bespoke gym.