What Do Gym Bikes Work Out?

If you’re new to working out at a gym or you’re planning to start small and slowly grow into working out regularly, the gym bike is the right starting point for you. A gym bike or stationary bike is the ideal cardiovascular workout equipment for beginners. It’s easy to use and provides the same sort […]

School Gym Equipment

Physique Sports is the UK’s largest independent gym equipment supplier of new and refurbished equipment. We specialise in a diverse range of new and used gym equipment for schools. We are well known for our exceptional equipment and services, always over delivering rather than over promising for school gym equipment. The health of young people […]

Vision Fitness

Ollie from Vision Fitness wanted to create an outstanding establishment that not only he would be proud of but also his clients would be proud to be apart of. Ollie began envisioning and creating his dream gym long ago but the initial project for Vision Fitness began in April 2017. It was being completely redesigned […]

Benefits of using a treadmill

Many people will spend hours running on a treadmill but never really know the full extent of the benefits of using a treadmill. As exercise is highly recommended for people of all ages with the NHS recommending at least 150 minutes of moderate exercise, using a treadmill is one of the best options to ensure […]

Who Buys Second Hand Gym Equipment

Need some answers in regards to who buys used and 2nd hand fitness kit… Who Buys Second Hand Gym Equipment. You would be best off turning to the largest leading suppliers in the UK- the experts that buy and specialise in refurbishing used gym kits: PSLT Ltd. Getting rid of worn down, second-hand gym equipment […]

Want to be successful at running

Do you want to start running or want to become more successful at running but not sure how? Running has lately become very popular. It is a healthy choice for you too! Running can feel like a straight forward endeavour: The best way to get better is to simply lace up the shoes and hit […]

What’s more important… Weight training or cardio?

So you’re heading to the gym, what are you going to train? Weight training or cardio? Feel like you’ve over done it on the sweet treats recently so thinking about a good long run to work it off; but then you think ‘I really need to work on those arm muscles so maybe an intense […]

What to do and what not to do whilst building muscle

What to do and what not to do whilst building muscle… There are so many articles and information out there about how to build muscle and it is sometimes hard to know  where to start thus making it easy to get confused in regards to training in the right way. We have put together a […]

How important is cardio?

What is cardio? Cardiovascular exercise often referred to, as ‘cardio’ are forms of endurance exercises that strengthen the circulatory system. Whether you like cycling, running, dancing or getting sweaty on the cross trainer, cardiovascular exercise should be getting your heart racing and your blood pumping, encouraging your body to carry nutrients and oxygen to every […]

The importance of lower body exercise

Benefits of lower body exercise Lower body exercise is extremely important however, leg day is possibly the most dreaded day at the gym. Although muscles like your arms, back, shoulders and core are more noticeable when you train them regularly, to those who are missing leg days- you are making a big mistake. Setting aside training […]