Getting in shape to be able to Squat like a pro

beautiful-focused-young-fitness-girl-doing-squats-with-kettlebell-looking-into the camera at a gym - learning and practicing to squat like a pro

Leg workouts and full-body routines are defined by squats. You want to be able to squat like a pro but your lower body isn’t up to strength so here is a routine to help you build your leg and butt so you can squat like an Olympian. They are often considered the holy grail of … Read more

What to Eat Before Going to the Gym

Professional athletes, amateur fitness enthusiasts and beginners, all need to be mindful of what they eat before going to the gym. Eating right before working out helps your body to perform better during the workout and recover better after the workout. You will be able to run that extra mile on the treadmill and at … Read more

Balanced Diet and Regular Exercise

Core Gym Equipment

You need to make sure that you carry out a regular exercise to stay fit and healthy. If you are planning on losing weight, it is important that you know that a healthy diet and frequent exercise is essential, and should become a life choice rather than a temporary action, as a ‘quick fix’ will … Read more

Functional Training Rigs

Functional Training at Physique Sports Functional training has now become an important part of gym goer’s physical activity experience. So, what exactly is it? It is a form of exercise that helps increase your strength whilst also working on mobility and stability that can not only improve your athletic performance, but assist you in your … Read more

Gym upholstery at Physique Sports

Here at Physique Sports Ltd, we consider ourselves experts and provide our customers with an efficient and professional service. Our qualified team of upholsterers are able to tailor your fitness equipment to your liking and deliver the highest standard of work. We can transform your space or fitness club to impress your members and keep … Read more

The Benefits of Using a Rowing Machine

The rowing machine gained in popularity as a great low-impact piece of cardio equipment in 2018 and that trend has continued into 2019. It provides a full-body workout and burns more calories than running on a treadmill or cycling on an exercise bike. One of the best things about the rowing machine is that it … Read more

From A World Class Training Studio To A World Class Gym

Equilibrium Gym and Fitness Physique Sports were delighted to be approached to help consult and supply gym equipment in regards to the transformation of this outstanding, world class gym. The vision for the new Equilibrium Gym and Fitness was evident from the start with the ambitious management team knowing the journey that they wanted to … Read more

Importance Of Protein

How protein benefits your overall health and physical performance is crucial to understand. Whether you’re, let’s say, a weekend warrior or you’re trying to lose weight or you’re an athlete, protein is important for everybody and just about everyone is deficient in quality protein in their diet. I’m going to go over how to get … Read more