Fitness Equipment Service Level Agreement

Nowadays it is always beneficial for sports clubs and gyms to take out a service level agreement contract for the repairs and maintenance of their fitness equipment. This is mainly so that through the contract you have peace of mind and don’t need to worry. A professional engineer will quickly come out to site for repairs, servicing and maintenance to all your fitness machines if there is ever a problem.

At Physique Sports as we are the market leader in remanufacturing fitness stations from treadmills and spin bikes to rowing machines and cross trainers. We have all the spare parts in stock and as we work nationwide we are able to provide great turnaround lead times to complete the full servicing. Whether you have a small problem which needs fixing or you need us to look at a number of different fitness machines, we can offer our professional help through a service level agreement which suits you. Many public gyms, leisure centres and sports clubs have these plans set up to ensure that any issues with their equipment can be dealt with quickly and won’t have an effect on the facility’s users.

Complete the contact form in order to be given the full list of options available to you from all-inclusive call outs to annual service audits. Whatever your enquiry we are very confident we can create a bespoke contract to fit the costs and prices you need to keep your fitness equipment in the best quality condition.

Gym Equipment Repairs Contract

Protecting your fitness suites with a gym equipment repairs contract is crucial for many local authorities, sports clubs and gymnasium owners. This is because it allows you to create annual scheduled servicing agreements, all-inclusive contracts and audits for you to keep track on the quality and running of all your work stations. Our team of specialists can help you decide on the perfect maintenance plan for fitness machines like cross trainers, exercise bikes, treadmills and weights. The contract prices depend on your budget and how much you would like to spend, so we can discuss this with you and settle on the most affordable costs for your organisation.

The contracting service level agreements are created for commercial businesses in the UK as well as private gym owners. These organisations have maintenance and repair plans set up to make sure the quality of their fitness equipment is the best and that client safety is a top priority. All our engineers are specialists so they can diagnose any faults with gym machines, and will be able to repair these while on site and order new parts if necessary.

If you fill in the contact form today then you can make the most from the amazing rates and costs we are giving out to our customers. Our services give you full reports and audits for every piece of gym equipment in your facility, so feel free to ask if you have any questions about what we offer.