Need some answers in regards to who buys used and 2nd hand fitness kit… Who Buys Second Hand Gym Equipment. You would be best off turning to the largest leading suppliers in the UK- the experts that buy and specialise in refurbishing used gym kits: PSLT Ltd.

Getting rid of worn down, second-hand gym equipment can be somewhat frustrating. When gym members have got what they can from the machinery, there comes a time when it will eventually lose the ability to provide you with its best performance. In addition to this, you will notice a lot of wear and tear due to the amount of use you and age you’ve been getting out of your machines and apparatus. Therefore, it will start to decline in performance.

This may significantly increase for health cubs and gymnasiums that have experienced heavy usage, resulting in the club finding it difficult to sell. This could provide you with the hassle when looking to trade in old or used fitness machines i.e. treadmills, cross-trainers, bikes, rowers, benches etc.

Additionally, a worn-down gym kit may be detrimental to its aesthetic appearance. The club and club members may also start to experience increased breakdowns. Therefore, when attempting to sell it, you will quickly find that not many people are willing to take your used treadmill and cross-trainers once they see it is no longer aesthetically pleasing, let alone usable.

Best prices for your second-hand equipment

But what if you could sell your previously owned, second hand or worn-down gym to a company that has the ability to refurbish your gymnasium kit… You’d then have to ask yourself: who buys second-hand gym equipment?

At Physique Sports we purchase second-hand gym equipment and remanufacture gyms throughout the UK. PSLT Ltd are the UK’s largest leading suppliers of refurbished gymnasium equipment. Our team are experts in the industry and we offer to purchase, part exchange or trade your old fitness kit and recycle the goods, giving it a brand-new appearance. Physique Sports’ experts restore the product, replacing all wear and tear items, giving it a cosmetic makeover and transforming it to its new appearance.

We buy used gym equipment

Discarding and disposing of second hand and used fitness kits can be problematic, costly and inconvenient. No club wants a machine that looks used, old and/or is constantly breaking down. So when questioning, who buys second-hand gymnasium equipment? You can reply on Physique Sports who offer a part exchange or purchase only of any used commercial fitness machinery.

Transport and Logistic

Most gym manufacturers have their own in house logistics team, providing a seamless solution of removing your old and used equipment and maximising financial benefit. Physique’s specialists will buy second-hand cross-trainers, treadmills, steppers and all strength machines, that no longer has any value to your fitness facility. This includes used gyms at hotels, schools, prisons and any commercial leisure facility. Our company specialise in buying and reconditioning and refurbishing 2nd hand cardiovascular and weight machines.

Our expert’s logistics team will remove the gym machines in a professional and hassle-free manner, using their own trucks and specialised equipment. This is then taken back to their 40,000 square foot facility for refurbishing and remanufacturing. No matter what your perception of the value, our experts and specialists are more than happy to provide you with a quote and carry out an onsite visit to establish the value of the equipment and logistics involved.

Physique’s experts have the ability to remove a complete gymnasium, regardless of size and numbers of apparatus. We also have the ability to remove and refurbish existing equipment. We can fully install and redelivering your machines back into the club, giving it a completely fresh look and state of the art appearance.


They have a dedicated, specialists team that carry out an evaluation on all products and advise what steps can be taken to get the most out of your second-hand kit. We buy and recondition a huge variety of brands such as Life FitnessPrecorTechnogym, Hammer Strength, Cybex and more.

Selling your second-hand gym equipment to Physique Sports means placing it in the hands of someone you can trust. It is also reassuring to know that we have secured 25 years of experience in the industry, purchasing and refurbishing.  We will also discuss any buyback or trade-ins you would be interested in, along with any refurbishing options.

If you would like to discuss how we can help you with your second-hand gym equipment then get in touch with Physique Sports successful team.