Do you want to start running or want to become more successful at running but not sure how?

Running has lately become very popular. It is a healthy choice for you too! Running can feel like a straight forward endeavour: The best way to get better is to simply lace up the shoes and hit the pavement.

While running may not be for everyone, the benefits are indisputable. Keep reading to find out more reasons why going for a jog could help you not only become more fit but also create a healthier body. You will also find some helpful techniques on how to keep improving and how to make those minutes into a miles.

Why take up running

One of the main reason a lot of people decide they want to take up running is to help them lose weight. Going for a run is a get source of exercise and is one of the top ways to burn calories. If you maintain a healthy diet and run regularly you will lose weight.

There is no doubt that the hardest part about  going for a jog is actually getting up and going but once you get out there it will make you feel much better. Whether is just a case of endorphins or it might be the boost to your self-esteem­, I challenge you to come back from a run feeling worse than you left.

The Science to running

Being successful at running can help benefit your health but can also help benefit your lifespan long-term too. For women is can increase your lifespan by 5.6 years and in men it can increase by 6.2 years according to a major Danish study.

Jogging is said to release alpha waves in your brain leaving you feeling more relaxed, which then helps you to sleep better. With more sleep you will be able to keep your mind sharp and will boost your mood.

What you need to start running

To start being successful at running you don’t need any fancy equipment. All you need is some comfortable clothing and footwear and it can start right outside your front door. It is easy to find local jogging clubs to help you get into running if you want the support of others. You can do it as little or as often as you like and fit it around your busy schedule.

The prefect running form

When starting out with running, or wanting to improve, it is important that you concentrate on your form. The prefect form can help your run become stronger, longer, faster and injury-free.

Don’t hold your breath

These simple breathing techniques will help you become more successful at running further and longer… and maybe even run faster. When starting out your cardio and respiratory systems are out of shape, so they steal any oxygen they can from the rest of your body. This is why your body can get tired so quick and fell ‘out of breath’.

Breath to Relax

Knowing whether or not to breathe through your mouth or nose is the question. Breathing through your mouth relaxes your jaw which then relives tense throughout the rest of the body.

Breath for Energy

Always allow your lungs to fully expand and fill by expanding your diaphragm. Deep breathing pushes oxygen deep into the lungs where it enters the blood stream. This then delivers blood to the muscles throughout the body to create more energy.

Breath with Your Cadence

Try and make it a habit from the beginning of your running journey to inhale fully on your LEFT-RIGHT-LEFT foot strikes and then to exhale on your RIGHT-LEFT foot strikes. You may have to start of slow and steady to practice this technique but it will help your breathing pattern more in the future.

The Best Pre-Running Foods

You will want to get the most out of your run and the best way to help aid this is through the foods you eat. The food you eat can benefit your run whether it be a quick snack or a meal. Make sure you eat meal or snack 30-90 minutes before you go for a run, so that you don’t feel bloated. If you are eating a full meal wait up to 90 minutes. If it’s just a quick snack, wait up to 30 minutes. Here are some of the foods that will boost your speed.


Known as natures power bars, bananas are one of the best sources of food. It is packed with carbohydrates and potassium to release energy and will support muscle function.


They are full of fibre and release carbs gradually which keeps your energy levels consistent throughout your run. This means you can keep going for longer.

Fruit and Greek Yogurt

This is one of the best foods to have before your run and is known as the killer combo. The fruit is full of carbs whilst the yogurt is full of protein. The carbs are broken down quickly and are used to fuel your run. While the protein is stored longer and is used to prevent any muscle damage.

Whole Grain Bread

One slice of whole grain bread is another excellent source of food to get the carbs you need for your run. Add a boiled egg or some low-fat turkey to pack this up with some protein.

Mix up your runs

Interval Workouts

This type of workout will help you improve your speed and burn more calories, try and mix between sprints and uphill running. The sprints will boost your heart rate and burn calories. Let your heart rate recover in between interval sprints but don’t wait too long between each sprint. Running up hill will strengthen your run and increases your calorie burn.

Long Runs

Doing a long jog once a week will improve your cardiovascular endurance and you will gradually be able to increase your run. Take your long runs at ease where you could hold a conversation.

Recovery Runs

The recovery run is just as important as all over runs. This is the time for your body to deliver oxygen and nutrients to the muscles damaged during your different runs. Jog at a slow steady pace and only go a short distance run to give your legs a chance to recover.