Ollie from Vision Fitness wanted to create an outstanding establishment that not only he would be proud of but also his clients would be proud to be apart of.

Ollie began envisioning and creating his dream gym long ago but the initial project for Vision Fitness began in April 2017. It was being completely redesigned from the ground up from an old derelict barn to state of the art unique fitness facility. Unfortunately, Ollie did not get off to the best start when he began his project where he came across a few obstacles which would always be the case with such a big challenge but he soon came across Physique Sports who changed all this.

Along with the usual building issues such as weather and material, Ollie came across other issues that he would need help with from an experience company. Ollie original went to look at purchasing his equipment from a private seller or auctioneer thinking these would be the best option to save money and keep within his budget. Ollie’s spirits where soon dampened when some of the machines didn’t match their listing at point of sale. For example, the upholstery was not to a very good standard and some of the equipment didn’t even work. He knew that he would need to re-evaluate his options and find a company that could help with his current gym equipment and help take his gym to the next level.

Ollie first came in contact with Physique Sports in April 2017, when meeting with our sales representative Richard Quinn. Richard met with Ollie to discuss what plans and ideas he had to make his dream gym a reality. Richard was there to support him and give his professional advise throughout the project. They discussed the issues that had already arisen and how Physique Sports could help rectify these and prevent any further complications. With continuous support and onsite meetings, Physique Sports ensured regular communications with Vision Fitness.

One of the first issues that Physique Sports made sure they sorted was the issue with the correct gym equipment. Our Regional Sales Manager organised for our own engineers to attend site and carry out a full service and inspection on all the equipment. This included a safety certificate, parts and confidence that his equipment would now be to a high working standard. Ollie was overwhelmed with the advice and support he was given from all of our staff and how we would always go that extra mile. This then freed him up to concentrate on other areas and aspects that Vision Fitness needed to progress further.

From our first initially meeting with Ollie we had to decide on a budget that we had to work with. With the ground works and internal gym needing a lot of work doing, due to being designed and built from a derelict barn, the budget was quickly dissolving. Ollie wanted to create a boutique fitness facility and wanted the best equipment to coincide with his new building design. Richard Quinn who was working closely with Ollie knew he had concerns about his budget but also advised and consulted Ollie on the best and most cost-effective methods according to his business plan.

With a clear plan in mind Physique Sports fully understood the business ideas of Ollie and how he wanted his project to unfold. This gave us the opportunity to plan in advance and ensure Ollie had the best support and options of the best quality gym equipment for his new facility. The clear time framed and objectives allowed Physique Sports to showcase our client with more than one option when finding the best gym equipment for Vision Fitness. We made sure to display a wide range of bespoke fitness equipment which went above Ollie’s expectation. We ensured that all kit was within his price range knowing he had a strict budget.

Vision Fitness wanted to create a brand throughout their gym making it unique to them. We pride ourselves on being able to do and made sure we stayed within Ollie’s budget. Our Re-manufacturing Team made sure they not only bespoke re-manufactured Ollie’s already existing kit but used bespoke upholstery colours and designed each piece to help create a fully branded gym. This ensured that each piece of kit really displayed the high standard that Vision Fitness wanted it’s cliental to feel.

Physique Sports have a long standing and successful partnership with Jordan Fitness. Richard contacted Jordan Fitness to discuss the possibility of branded free weights that would stand out above the rest. Jordan not only provided the perfect branding for Vision Fitness but also provided the highest quality. As we worked closely with Jordan Fitness we were able to work together to create two bespoke functional training rigs for Vision Fitness, one indoor and the other outdoor adding an extra personalised element to the gym.

A concern that came up was the space that was available within his facilities and how to best utilise the space he had. He’s vision was to create an environment where all the demographics could use the gym regardless of physical ability but also to get as much equipment in to the area as possible without overcrowding the gym. Ourselves and Jordan continued to concentrate on designs using our CAD software to solve the problem and come up with the best solutions for Vision Fitness.

Our Delivery and Installation Team went above and beyond what they were required to do. They helped to recreate the vision of the gym to allow more space and users to feel at ease in the environment. The indoor and outdoor bespoke rigs were outstanding and really gave the gym that extra edge. The rigs where there to not only look good but to educate the users and to help them experiment with ease.


Ollie Emsden Testimonial

When setting out to find a company to design and build our gym, I had clear criteria in mind. The company had to be energetic, resourceful, credible, brimming with ideas, technically astute and value for money. Physique Sports came out on top by a clear mile.

Even before Physique Sports spoke about bespoke equipment design, the attention they lavished on us was unmatched. Once we got started, the quality and standards only grew.

Physique Sports dedicated an excessive amount of time to my project and went far above the call of duty even to the point where it was obvious it was not in their financial interest to do so. They were collaborative and supportive throughout the entire process, always delivering on our specifications and deadlines. Completely flexible to our changing aesthetic preferences. Whilst working on the project all representatives from Physique Sports were like an extended family on site.

Physique Sports are really much more than just a Fitness Equipment supplier.

Thank you.

Physique Sports staff ensured they went above and beyond to give the staff of Vision Fitness the confidence in our organisation.