6 Top Tips for Healthy Living

So summer is here and as well as wanting to look good- we want you to feel good too! Healthy living , for some individauls, is easier said than done! When it comes to living a healthy lifestyle that is exactly what it is- a lifestyle! No fad diets, no restrictions, just happy, healthy living that becomes a way of life. Here we have put together our 6 top tips of what we think are the most important ways in which to stay healthy this summer! They are easy tips that will help guide you in the right direction to making the most out of your summer and feel and look good whilst doing it. These tips do not just apply to the summer season, these are points that you can take into account and incorporate into your everyday living… So here we go- 6 top tips to healthy living this summer…

Stay hydrated!

Probably one the most important tips on this page… Stay hydrated! It is a common mistake that is made in the Summer when the heat hits, is that people fail to realise you need to up your water intake and it is so essential to keeping yourself healthy. When the temperature rises, so does your energy expenditure- we sweat more therefore we need to drink more. Drinking water will also aid our bodies to flush out any bad toxins that may get in the way of that ‘summer glow’ we are all after. A good amount of H20 equals healthier looking skin. Additionally, if you are not drinking enough water, you will probably find yourself feeling worn out and possibly start to experience higher levels of fatigue throughout the day. So try and aim to drink at least 1.5 litres of water a day (AT LEAST) and depending on how hot it is and what your physical activity levels are like- you may want to aim for 2.5 litres per day.

Top tip– if you are not a massive H20 fan, try adding lemon, lime, mint or cucumber to your glass for a more flavoursome and refreshing taste this summer.

Keep active

Not just in the summer, but all year round we should be making a conscious effort to keep active to keep healthy. Simple things like: taking the stairs, walking to the shops instead of driving, going for a walk on your lunch break- it all makes a difference! Spend as much time as you can outside this summer and keep moving. Gym memberships can be expensive but there are plenty of alternatives- do a home workout, go hiking with a friend, even just taking your dog for a walk; it is all-beneficial for your overall health. It is recommended that we should be doing at least 20 minutes a day of some sort of physical activity… doesn’t seem too difficult does it? That’s because it’s not.

Top tip– workout with a friend… it is much more motivating in addition to a lot more fun. So get outside this summer and get moving!

Apply SPF

It is natural that as soon as the sun comes out (especially in the UK) everyone wants to lie out and work on his or her summer tan. But sometimes we can get over excited and not think to apply that all-important SPF… Listen guys- you can still get tanned if you are wearing suntan lotion! The sun’s rays are extremely strong and before we expose our skin to it, it needs to be protected. Wearing suntan lotion has been proven to decrease your risk of developing skin cancer. It will help to prevent skin discolorations and more importantly, slow down premature aging of your skin… Who wants to wrinkle sooner than necessary!? Keep your skin healthy this summer and apply that SPF!

Top tip- If you have fair skin make sure you are wearing a higher factor- there is no harm in applying an SPF 50. Aim to apply an SPF of at least 20, even those of which have darker skin. 20 years from now- you will never regret not wearing sunscreen.

Don’t skip breakfast

Statistics have shown that up to half of the UK skip or don’t have time for breakfast in the morning… However, what they may not know is- breakfast really is the most important meal of the day. When that alarm goes off in the morning, your body should be recharged and ready to refuel for the day. If we decided not to fuel our body in the morning, you have actually missed a very important opportunity you kick start your metabolism for the day. Getting a coffee down you first thing to wake you up, is a very temporary source of energy that is actually a stimulant, something that shouldn’t be relied on to keep your body going. Sure, it is great to enjoy a coffee however, if we start to rely on caffeine for fuel, you will actually become more reliant on it and need more of it to experience the stimulating effects. Getting up just 15 minutes early to make time for breakfast, will give you a much healthier start to the day.

Top tip- Make sure you have a healthy and well-balanced breakfast that includes a good portion of protein, complex carbs, a small amount of fat. Some healthy breakfast choices include:

Avoid over-intoxication

We all know that when the summer hits, so does the festival/ party season, and it is very easy to get carried away with alcohol…. Of course it is- it is summer and you want to have a good time. However, over intoxication can lead to some not so nice consequences… Firstly, alcohol dehydrates you. As mentioned it is extremely important for you and you health to stay hydrated particularly in hotter weather, but overdoing it with your alcohol consumption will leave your body feeling very dehydrated and give you that unwanted ‘puffy’ look- not to mention the hangover. Moreover, excessive intake is also damaging to your liver, and drinking above the weekly-recommended intake regularly, puts you at a higher risk of fatty liver disease and inflammation.

Top tip- For every alcoholic beverage you have, try and drink and a glass of water- it will reduce the amount if toxins obtained and help you stay hydrated- hopefully reducing the hangover effects the day after.

Eat your micronutrients

We are always talking about macronutrients (carbs, fat and proteins) but many individuals do not pay enough attention to their micronutrient intake. Although they are only needed in smaller amounts than macronutrients, they play an essential role in our health and wellbeing. Vitamins and minerals both come under the class micronutrients, each having a specific role to play in order to aid overall health. Micronutrients are obtained through our diet therefore, we should be mindful that we are eating a good variety of colour, to ensure all essentials minerals and vitamins are consumed.


If you are deficient in any minerals or vitamins you may be experiencing lack of energy and fatigue.

Top tip– Add as much colour and variety to your diet as you can- it is a great way to ensure you are getting all essential micronutrients.