Children’s exercise equipment

Physique Sports Ltd are the UK’s largest suppliers of refurbished fitness equipment. We supply a huge range of fitness-equipment to all types of facilities including schools, colleges and universities. In addition to supplying and selling to facilities such as health clubs and leisure centres, we also provide and offer all inclusive gym rentals. Our gym leasing bundles come with a number of benefits. We feel that now more than ever, it is very important to provide educational facilities with gymnasiums. Exercise is extremely important, and an essential part of leading a healthy lifestyle. Individuals of all ages should be partaking in some kind of physical activity on a daily basis. Research now indicates that 2 out of 10 adolescents and children are in the range of obesity. However, access to a health club or gymnasium can be an expensive investment. School children and adolescents should be encouraged to exercise daily. Now, more than ever, individuals are realising the countless health benefits to be gained from regular exercise and it is important that this is recognised by children and teenagers as well. The best way to do this, is simply by providing schools with some sort of gym or fitness equipment. This will provide school children with a number of health benefits, and also work towards tackling childhood obesity. Working out encourages individuals of all ages to channel their energy in a healthy and positive manor, and is a way of relieving stress. Physical activity helps stimulate development of the bodies’ joints and muscles, also promoting healthy functioning of the heart and lungs. Additionally, providing kids and teenagers with any type of gymnasium or fitness kit, also provides them with opportunity to interact and be healthy together and make new friends.

Fitness equipment for schools

So where might you turn to for advice regarding gym or fitness equipment for your school? Physique Sports Ltd provides specific rental packages for schools, universities and colleges all over the UK. We believe it is extremely important to provide all types of schools with gymnasium equipment. However, here at Physique, we also understand the process of installing a gymnasium can be perceived as somewhat difficult and costly. It can also be hard to settle on a budget for a gym. Here at Physique Sports we tailor our school gym rental packages to meet your facilities’ needs in a hassle free manor. We are the UK’s leading suppliers of refurbished fitness equipment and will tailor our hire packages to suit your budget. If you require more information in terms of specific leasing bundles we offer, please fill out our contact form. One of our experts will get back to you as soon as possible to answer any questions you might have.

Leasing gym equipment to schools

Schools, colleges and universities find it challenging to enter into long term leasing agreements with finance companies, and this way you find that you have to extend your budget. Physique Sports Ltd have recognised the challenges of this and have come up with a tailor made rental design and service package. We have incorporated this into a monthly off balance sheet rental package, that is tailored specifically for schools. Gymnasium rental packages for schools are a more convenient and practical way of providing your facility with the fitness equipment that will benefit the users and meet the needs of your school. When renting any type of gym machinery there are a lot of things you need to think about and consider… How will this fitness equipment be installed? How much will a gym cost? Will it need servicing? Has the layout been considered? How can the suppliers help? Physique’s professional team will take care of every single one of these concerns. We supply all ranges of gym machinery including treadmills, cross-trainers, spinning bikes and rowers and a variety of weight machines. Physique Sports Ltd are the UK’s leading suppliers of refurbished fitness equipment and supply across the UK and outside of the UK too. As well as schools, we have provided and supplied gyms to countless leisure and health club facilities, large hotel chains and prisons. In addition to specialising in supplying refurbished gymnasiums, we also specialise in expert advice and consultancy in regards to gyms and fitness. With 25 years of experience in the industry, we are confident we can meet all your needs. The lease bundles we supply for schools, colleges and universities, come with a number of benefits.

School gym rental packages

Firstly, we offer bespoke rental packages to fit your budget, space and any other requirements you might have. If you have a particular cost or budget in mind, we can tailor our rental packages to suit your budget and preferences. Our experts can ensure that our specific packages are budgeted to your school’s preference. Our rental packages for schools means a simple and hassle free one off monthly payment that takes care of all servicing costs. We do not charge for servicing the equipment as it comes included with the school gym rental package. This takes away any complications regarding costs and finance. Our experts and specialists will even carry out an on site visit to your facility, to establish the logistics involved and will also provide you with a quote.

Our specialist team will asses the space of your facility and advise you in terms of the most cost effective strategy. Physique’s expert’s can also assist you with classroom conversions. We have a skilfully trained team of professionals who will not only take care of the heavy lifting, but do a complete room conversion to facilitate your new gymnasium. This comes as a huge help to you, as Physique Sports’ team really will leave nothing for you to worry about in terms of installing your facility. We install and take care of absolutely everything. Physique Sports also offer expert assistance in regards to pre-purchase design and layout services. We have 25 years of experience in the industry and have expert knowledge regarding gyms and fitness equipment and gymnasium layouts. After our team have visited, thoroughly assessed and evaluated your space and facility, we offer our expert advice regarding the best layout to suit your new gymnasium. Coming to Physique sports for school rental packages means you don’t just get the equipment… You will receive professional advice on the best way to move forward and get the most out of your gym kit. Physique Sports refurbish and supply a variety of brands such as Life Fitness, Precor, Technogym and Hammer Strength. We provide you with the full package, and will take care of absolutely everything. If you have any further questions or would like more information regarding costs, budget or the types of lease bundles we supply, please contact us via our contact form. We would love to hear from you.