Rob Morgan wanted to open up his first,  MAC’s strength and performance gym in Shildon, County Durham. Rob had a vision for his fitness facility and how he wanted it to be a no-nonsense high standard, rustic and authentic strength gym from the surroundings and equipment.

This will be the first time Physique Sports worked with Rob Morgan but it will not be the last time. From the beginning of his project in creating MAC’s Strength and Performance Gym it was obvious Rob was very passionate. He had a real thirst and drive to make sure that his business was a success. He wanted to provide a facility members would enjoy going to work out at. Rob had served many years in the Army as a PT instructor, his passion for fitness was clear to hear within his voice. His background includes running boot camps for civilians and fitness training for members of the Armed Forces.  He loved training people and seeing the difference fitness could make for his client’s lives physically and mentally.

Rob found Physique Sports through our social media channels and was drawn by our rang of CORE plate loaded gym equipment Physique were marketing. He knew that this was the style of strength and conditioning gym equipment he wanted so immediately contacted our Sales Manager Dan Thompson. After a conversation with Dan, Rob realised that we could not only provide him the quality strength and cardio kit he required but could also offer him a complete solution for all his needs. As this was Rob’s first gym, Physique Sports reassured him that all his equipment would come with warranty and a full-service package, giving him more confidence that working with Physique was the right choice.

As this was sizeable project with a complex design and build which was being renovated from a warehouse, it was important to stay within Robs specific budget. Our Sales Manager Dan discussed the different options available for MAC’S Strength and Performance Gym and our rental package fitted Rob’s criteria. Within this package we remanufactured all equipment and completely bespoke and branded all upholstery on the strength machines in his trademark orange. Physique’s flooring solution was a robust 15mm flooring of black tiles, protecting the sub flooring underneath from the weights. Rustic free weights where added to help with the authentic look along with a large selection of dumbbells. MAC’s also required a dedicated area for HIIT classes and PT sessions. This area included Plyometric boxes, kettlebells, sandbags, battle rope and also a bespoke wall mounted cardio wall.

As Mac’s Gym had a unique and specific style throughout the club and this was identified in the early stages, we were able to chose which equipment could be new or reconditioned. As we are the UK’s largest independent supplier for remanufactured equipment Rob knew he had come to the right company to get exactly what he was after. At Physique Sports we have a long-standing partnership with Jordan who where able to supply the majority of the functional equipment and the flooring in keeping with the whole club.

Our Installation Team had the task of fitting the flooring from Jordan which was individually tiles throughout. They set up all the gym equipment making sure it was finished in time for Mac’s big opening day. Our team ensure they where down at the club in the early hours with more than enough time to make sure everything was in place and made sure the whole club gave off the vibe of Rob’s vision.

Rob had put a lot of time and effort into marketing Mac’s Strength and Performance Gym’s opening day. He had advertised though all sources of social media and created a lot of awareness for his new gym. He had even booked in the local mayor showing that the gym would be a part of the community for all types of people and is now at the heart of the community and already a huge success.

As Rob wanted to have rental package with ourselves for 3 years, we also made sure that this covered all maintenance and servicing of his kit. Our in-house Service Team and Engineers are committed to providing the best customer service.

Physique Sports understood Robs desire to create a unique and functional facility, working in partnership with Rob was a pleasure and Rob would agree that Physique Sports have been instrumental in creating the facility he is proud of.