How protein benefits your overall health and physical performance is crucial to understand. Whether you’re, let’s say, a weekend warrior or you’re trying to lose weight or you’re an athlete, protein is important for everybody and just about everyone is deficient in quality protein in their diet. I’m going to go over how to get more protein in your diet and really the benefits and how much you should consume. Protein is the building block of your cells. It’s building blocks of your muscles.

Also in terms of a food that’s going to improve your metabolism and fat burning potential, nothing is more important than protein. It really is the fuel that motivates and really supports your body in building healthy tissues and cells, so you need protein. The average person probably needs half their body weight in protein a day. If you weigh 150 pounds, you need at least probably around 75 grams of protein a day if you’re trying to burn fat and build muscle the right way.

For many athletes, more than that is going to be essential as well. The best forms of protein you can be getting are going to be things like grass-fed beef is a great source, organic chicken, wild-caught salmon, also grass-fed organic dairy products are great.

There are healthy quality protein powders like grass-fed whey protein is another great option and then plant-based sources of protein. Flax and chia seeds are great. They’re very high as well as other nuts and seeds and beans are also quality sources of protein.

Getting protein in your diet is greatly beneficial and the biggest benefits of protein include fat burning, helping muscle recovery, helping heal cuts and wounds. If you have any sort of injury, protein is essential. It’s essential for fighting diabetes and balancing our blood sugar which is essential for brain function.

There’s study after study showing that protein is essential for your body.

Last but not least, it’s important for muscle recovery. If you’re trying to recover from something and also have high energy levels, you want to improve your overall energy, getting more protein in your diet is essential. The more protein you can ingest the better and when buying protein make sure it’s from organic, natural sources.

One of the issues we run into today is restaurants, grocery stores and most places we get our food from are not selling grass-fed organic protein. If you’re eating conventional protein, it’s loaded with hormones, antibiotics, steroids and other chemicals that will actually destroy your health. Protein is the most important thing to buy organic and grass-fed.

If you need to track your protein intake I’d recommend you do a food journal. Write down what you’ve eaten the past three days and then add up the grams of protein you’ve actually gotten in your system and you can go to a website and actually look up the amount of protein and about the amount of food you’ve consumed.