Leg workouts and full-body routines are defined by squats. You want to be able to squat like a pro but your lower body isn’t up to strength so here is a routine to help you build your leg and butt so you can squat like an Olympian.

They are often considered the holy grail of butt exercises: Want a bigger backside? Squat. But what if this “ultimate” exercise just isn’t for you? Can you do them at home or following online fitness classes?

Whether injury prevents you from doing them, or you’re squatted out (since squats only work out one of three important glute muscles), don’t worry, there are plenty of other exercises you can perform to give you the booty of your dreams.

Here, we’ve curated 8 squat-free moves that will firm and tone your butt.

To do a complete workout, choose 4 to 5 of these exercises to build a 20-minute routine.


Go for this routine to build strength and condition:

The goal is to do this twice a week and remember to start off light and easy, focus on technique and posture and then slowly build up your strength and increase the intensity.

When putting together your routine, make sure the foundation is compound exercises or moves that utilise multiple joints. This includes step-ups, lunges, and deadlifts.

Then add glute isolation exercises, like donkey kicks and supermans, as a complement. This will build your core strength so you can then move onto squats if you want to.

Want a shapelier derriere? Squat. Want a firmer behind? Squat. And get a Personal Trainer to help guide you whilst you perfect your technique.