Functional training has now become an important part of gym goer’s physical activity experience. So, what exactly is it? It is a form of exercise that helps increase your strength whilst also working on mobility and stability that can not only improve your athletic performance, but assist you in your everyday life. It helps to train your body in a way that can be applied to day to day activities. In this article, you can read more about the benefits of this physical activity and how Physique Sports can help enhance your facility and user experience by implementing this type of apparatus. We can refurbish, reinstall and consult your business in regards to how your facility can benefit from our kit and advise on the best way forward. Functional-training includes basic movements such as pushing and pulling, bending, extending, rotating etc. All of which are applicable to our everyday. This type of physical activity can help you achieve and support good health and build up strength in a safe way. And for this reason, individuals are finding it more and more important to include in their daily life.

Why train in this way?

A lot of personal trainers are now recommending this kind of exercise to so many individuals, including those who are perhaps recovering from an injury, women who are pregnant and those wanting to build up their strength in the gym. However, regardless of your goals or physical ability, this kind of physical activity is a great addition to your routine and it is becoming more and more popular.

Here at Physique, we install a huge variety of apparatus for countless different brands and we are seeing a big increase in facilities that want functional training rigs, whether it be a health club, leisure centre, gymnasium, school, spa or prison gym. We can build the perfect rig for your facility. We specialise in bespoke equipment that can be tailored to your preference to suit your customers’ and business’ needs.

Our service

We provide all of our customers with the highest standard of service. We can measure specific rig designs, refurbish and remanufacture and install the best quality kit for you. No matter how run down your existing apparatus may be, we can completely transform your kit using our bespoke service, remanufactured by our qualified team. We then reinstall this for you, giving you and your facility your desired gymnasium, complete with functional-training rigs. We can customise your kit, down to material, colour, size and brand logo. We make sure it matches your vision. You can even choose multiple colours for your rigs to suit the interior or exterior of your space. Our team can also arrange a consultation with you, to make sure we achieve your exact vision you may have in mind.

We have a large variety of transport vans, so the size of and quantity of the gym kit you need, is never an issue. We can guarantee you with a stress free delivery carried out by our friendly and professional team. We are extremely flexible with delivery times and can tailor our service to your needs. All rig designs and kit will be quality checked and delivered in pristine condition.

We provide both indoor and outdoor rigs and have catered to a huge variety of facilities. The durability of our equipment is to the highest quality.

All of our rigs are very versatile and provide an excellent all body workout. This style of training is popular and ideal for all types of individuals whether they’re professional athletes or your typical gym goer. Having functional training rigs as part of your gym, will enhance your members workout experience helping to increase their strength, flexibility, muscular endurance, cardiovascular health, fat loss and stability. We are seeing this way of training in facilities all over the UK as it offers a great way to train no matter what a person’s fitness level or fitness ability may be.  We are seeing an increasing demand for this equipment – contact us today to enquire about our functional rigs. We have a team ready for you to speak to and we are always happy to answer any questions you may have whether it be about the equipment and installation, or a budget you may be working with. Our friendly, professional team are here to help.

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