Are you asking yourself, who can install gym equipment? Well look no further than Physique Sports Ltd, we provide a high standard of installation within your costing budget and we are experts at installing gym equipment. Once you have invested in your gym and machines the last thing you will want is for any damage to occur.

That is why our skilled Installation Team is the best solution for installing and building any of your machines. We’re able to install all types of gym equipment, makes and models with our highly trained staff. They have been trained to use installation apparatus to ensure your facility is safe and damage free at all times.

Our installation team have installed kit in all types of environments from, commercial gyms, prison gyms, school gyms and even home gyms. No job is too big or too small. We have been building, assembling and installing machines for years. All our equipment is trusted for performance and durability, we can take care of any job for you.

The experience we have gained over many years of installing gym equipment allows us to know the amount of time needed for each job of installing. Some jobs could take from 2 hours or up to a week, but no matter the time frame, we will get the job done. We travel all over the UK, so if you are interested in finding out more about how we can help you. We are happy to discuss the right route for you and your business.

Our Installation Team

The installation team are always given back impressive testimonials from how proactive, innovative, efficient and how they’re committed to high standards of professionalism. This only shows how the quality of work carried out is outstanding and always improving, even in the most difficult of installation jobs. Sometimes special requirements are needed when installing different gym layouts. In the past we have had very narrow corridors or even stairs to get the equipment through. Furthermore, our team have many years of experience and training. This provides them with the correct knowledge of how to tackle any situation.

We also we strive to make sure that all kit is safely installed, causing no damage to your gym or equipment, in the best possible way. Just give us a quick call to find out a quotation for you.

If you’re looking for just a single piece of machinery being installed, we’re more than happy to help or if it’s to build and kit out a whole facility, we are prefect for the job. Our team would never rush to complete a job making sure that each machine or part is installed correctly and in working order once they have completed the installation. After installing, we also provide service agreements and maintenance. This ensures that we are providing you with a long-lasting relationship, offering further assistance for any future jobs.

Removals and Relocation’s

We cannot only install your whole facility but we specialise in removals and relocation’s of gym equipment. We make any removals or relocation’s run smoothly with our efficient team on hand to help you. If you want us to remove your kit or would like it relocating, we have the expertise to make this happen. They can easily extract, load and transport your equipment safety to your new premises. The installation team will dismantle, where needed, any of your machines and load them into our vehicles. We ensure we have only the best and right apparatus for all of our jobs and make sure that all our first-class vehicles are correctly and safety holding your kit.

They can remove any unwanted machines or we can arrange to even buy back your old kit. Our experienced and well-trained staff are capable of transporting any type of models and storing your machines. We will come to your site and collect all your machinery no matter the location in the UK. Our goal is to help you and to meet your requirements and needs.

If you would like to discuss how we can help you get the leading installation process for your facility then get in touch with Physique Sports successful team.