Many people will spend hours running on a treadmill but never really know the full extent of the benefits of using a treadmill. As exercise is highly recommended for people of all ages with the NHS recommending at least 150 minutes of moderate exercise, using a treadmill is one of the best options to ensure you hit this target.

Here we have put together an infographic to give you a visual representation of the benefits of using a treadmill.

Why Use a Treadmill

Stereotypically people think that when using a treadmill, you need to running at a high speed. This is not to case, a brisk walk, a small incline or a light jog are just as beneficial as running.

This also means that you can use a treadmill no matter your age, body type or fitness level. You can be beginner, intermediate or even advanced when it comes to exercise a treadmill workout can be tailored to yourself by yourself, making it simple to use.

Treadmills Are Easy to Use

A treadmill is prefect to use no matter the time of day or the weather outside. You can be indoors on a flat surface with no uneven terrains or bumpy roads to worry about. This makes using a treadmill more comfortable for you and with less risks of trips. When the weather outside is cold it takes our bodies longer to adjust compromising your form. When inside on a treadmill you can give your full concentration to what you are working out without worrying about your surroundings. You don’t have to worry abut the weather or safe paths when working out on a treadmill as you can cater the times when it best suits you and the weather will never interrupt your plan.

If you aren’t feeling like much of a challenge on a certain day you can keep it simple and low intensity or if you want a challenge you can up the intensity.

All treadmills from Physique Sports come with an easy monitor to set up different workouts from fat burner, sprint training or intervals. This means you can keep your use of a treadmill varied each time you come to work out. All treadmills come with manuals and easy to follow instructions making them really easy to use.

Training on a treadmill

Treadmills also let you track your progress. Most come with digital monitors that tell you important stats, like distance, calories burned, heart rate and time.

If you are training for such thing as a marathon or just wanting to improve your fitness a treadmill is very well known to be a great tool in aiding this. Changing the settings like the incline can give the impact of going up hill or against a strong wind. When training outside your energy isn’t just used for running, it has to be used also for body temperature. When training on a treadmill you know that all your energy is fully invested into your run.

Why buy a treadmill from Physique Sports?

Treadmills are always in high demand when in a gym, they are one of the most popular cardio machines you can get making them a great piece of kit and an even better investment. Here at Physique Sports we offer a wide variety of re-manufactured treadmills makes and models so you are sure to find one you love.

We always like to go that extra mile offering you our service and maintenance department. This is fully supported with a Customer Web Portal that gives you the ability to have full transparency of all your prison gym equipment. Our Customer Service Representatives are backed up with our own full-time factory trained and dedicated Technical Engineers. They are able to make sure every equipment diagnoses is made by a qualified Fitness Equipment Engineer giving you 100% piece of mind. All machines will be fixed first time within 48 hours of the call coming in.

At Physique Sports, our experts and specialists will advise your fitness facility in regards to the best way of moving forward. We offer rental packages, leasing, part exchange or leasing only options. We have an extensive range of spare parts which enables us to refurbish or support your existing equipment nationwide.

Our qualified team can carry out thorough evaluations and can remove/ reinstall your entire health club after refurbishing. They can also advise on gym layout and offer consultancy to ensure the successful operation of any fitness facility. All equipment/kit is remanufactured to stringent ISO 9001 protocols. We also offer after sales technical support or experts service breakdown requirements. If you choose to have your gym/equipment or 2nd hand gym refurbished with Physique Sports, we have a team of specialists that will reinstall your gym and follow up with a service agreement.

We have our own in-house service team who are trained to assist and advise you on any type of fitness equipment/gym. Our regionally based technicians can assess and diagnose any faults or problems. They can supply spare parts for any type of gymnasium machinery. Our professional experts team have 25 years of experience in buying and refurbishing all types of equipment including treadmills, spinning bikes, cross-trainers and muliti-gyms, that we supply to individual and commercial companies.

Our customers tell us that our level of customer service is impeccable, showing passion from start to finish.

If you would like to discuss how we can help you get the best facilities for your school’s gym then contact our friendly sales team on 01282 856830.