It has now become a growing trend for us to become more and more health and fitness conscious. This is why as an employer you may want to consider turning any unused space into a commercial gym for your employees. There are many benefits of transforming your business space into a corporate gym.

Investing into a corporate gym can be a big project, you need to make sure that you receive the correct equipment and guidance throughout. Our team at Physique Sports are experts at consultant large and small project from start to finish. Customer Service is our focus, from providing you with the equipment to most importantly supporting the product through its life in your facility.

Our Sales Team will discuss and plan all aspects of your needs as a company and as a corporate gym making it easier to get the end solution. They are experienced in creating 3D CAD designs for you to visualise your gym and will help explore the different layouts. We will even include designs that show the best area for your changing room facilities and can show this through 2D layouts and 3D CAD design gym planning. Our team are able to provide everything from flooring, full fit-out, upholstery, delivery and installation. We will work in partnership with you to ensure that your requirements are met and ensure you and your employees get the best facility. We believe that the performance and safety of the machines is the most important thing to think about when considering exercise products to buy, that is why we also offer gym inductions, so your employees are equipped with the correct knowledge when using the equipment.

How will this benefit you and your employees

You may not think it is your responsibility to ensure your employees lifestyle is healthy but this can not only benefit your staff members but can hugely benefit you and the business. It is said that you spend the majority of your time at your work place which makes maintaining a healthy lifestyle more difficult. Many employees are normally too tired after a long day in the office to even begin to think about heading to the gym. That is why bringing the gym to them is the answer. They can even spend time away from work without even having to leave the building. On their lunch break they can be more active by going to the corporate gym and will feel like they have been more productive in their free time.

All over the UK companies have begun investing into offices and classrooms to incorporate a gym within their company. Many have already begun to see how the welfare and staff retention of their employees has improved. A study was carried out by Aviva that found that 9 out of 10 businesses that add fitness facilities saw that the productivity and motivation within their employees had increased. Also, another study by Aviva said that 83% of business who added health and fitness facilities saw a decrease in sickness. Having a functional gym in the work place is a perk for existing and potentially new employees which can then help with recruitment for future candidates.

Like any business the better your team works together the more successful your business will become. Exercise is an important part of building healthy relationships and having a corporate gym will only advance this further. It will encourage employees to bond and have positive encounters not only through work. This means happier and more pleasant employees who had stronger working relationship within their working environment.

Like most adults one of the things most of your staff members will suffer from is stress. Whether this be through personal life or working life we all suffer this at some point. Placing a corporate gym within your company will help staff raise their heart rate and increase blood flow. This releases a hormone known as norepinephrine which improves your mood, mind and productivity. Giving your employees somewhere they can blow off steam and also look after their well-being will improve your company. Therefore, getting your staff members to tackle any unwanted, negative feelings.

Employee retention will also be one of the main and highest impacted benefit to any employer. It has been said the up to 70% of employees have said that they would prefer to stay within a business that invests in their health and fitness. Having a corporate gym onsite can be extremely cost effective as employee turnover would be low and you can attract candidates with good work ethic.

Some of your employees may have jobs that cause strain and issues to different areas of their body, for example:

All individuals have a need to look after their own lifestyle choices but if you encourage them and give them the tools, it will be far easier for them to make the right choices.

Find out more positive ways that working out can help with not only your fitness but your mental health here.

If you would like to discuss how we can help you get the best facilities for your corporate gym then contact our friendly Sales Team on 01282 856830.