Why Gym Equipment Maintenance is Important

The gym equipment maintenance may not seem like the most exciting job in the fitness industry but it is definitely one of the most important. Why? Your clients want to have gym equipment that not only performs but also works. This is obviously a very vital part of keeping your members and your business in working

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Want to be successful at running

Do you want to start running or want to become more successful at running but not sure how? Running has lately become very popular. It is a healthy choice for you too! Running can feel like a straight forward endeavour: The best way to get better is to simply lace up the shoes and hit

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What’s more important… Weight training or cardio?

So you’re heading to the gym, what are you going to train? Weight training or cardio? Feel like you’ve over done it on the sweet treats recently so thinking about a good long run to work it off; but then you think ‘I really need to work on those arm muscles so maybe an intense

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What to do and what not to do whilst building muscle

What to do and what not to do whilst building muscle… There are so many articles and information out there about how to build muscle and it is sometimes hard to know  where to start thus making it easy to get confused in regards to training in the right way. We have put together a

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healthy frozen fruits

10 Need to know nutrition facts

With constant mixed messages about health and nutrition, it is often difficult to tell what information is helpful to our wellbeing and how much of what we are reading are facts or fiction. We have summed up what we think our the most helpful ‘need to know nutrition facts’ that will hopefully give you a

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How important is cardio?

  What is cardio? Cardiovascular exercise often referred to, as ‘cardio’ are forms of endurance exercises that strengthen the circulatory system. Whether you like cycling, running, dancing or getting sweaty on the cross trainer, cardiovascular exercise should be getting your heart racing and your blood pumping, encouraging your body to carry nutrients and oxygen to

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Top tips for healthy living this Summer

6 Top Tips for Healthy Living   So summer is here and as well as wanting to look good- we want you to feel good too! Healthy living , for some individauls, is easier said than done! When it comes to living a healthy lifestyle that is exactly what it is- a lifestyle! No fad

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Why do we need protein in our diet?

Why is protein so important?   Protein is absolutely essential for every cell in the body… they are the building blocks that our bodies use to build and repair cells and tissues (muscle) and carry out the instructions of DNA. Made up of hundreds of different amino acids, protein is also required for the body’s

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clean eating

Clean eating diet

HOW TO EAT CLEAN What is ‘clean eating’? ‘Clean eating’ refers to the practice of consuming unrefined foods, thus avoiding simple or processed sugars, and basing your diet on whole foods. But clean eating is not just about weight loss. Clearing your diet of all things toxic can support proper nutrition, remove bad toxins and

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leg presses

The importance of lower body exercise

Benefits of lower body exercise   Lower body exercise is extremely important however, leg day is possibly the most dreaded day at the gym. Although muscles like your arms, back, shoulders and core are more noticeable when you train them regularly, to those who are missing leg days- you are making a big mistake. Setting aside

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HIIT workout

10 ways to boost your metabolism

  10 ways to increase metabolic rate Metabolism plays a huge part in the way your body functions, and how you use and digest the food you’re eating. Boosting your metabolism will help improve your digestive system however, you need to be making healthy choices in order for this to happen. There are many ways in

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HIIT mountain climbers

HIIT Workouts for Women

High-intensity interval training is workouts that include bursts of intense physical activity followed by a timed resting state. HIIT workouts can last from 4 minutes to 30 minutes of alternated exercise and rest. This can include both cardio workouts and/or strength routines and time intervals can vary. For example, this could start with 30 seconds

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cable woodchop exercise

Upper body workout for men

Mens upper body workouts Men who consistently workout are normally looking to build and maintain lean muscle to help keep them in shape physically and feel good mentally. As well as improving your physical appearance by working out, regular upper body workout programs will also increase your overall fitness levels. Eating clean is a huge contributing

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Physique and Leeds FC

Physique Sports Sponsor Leeds United FC

What we do Physique Sports Ltd are the UK’s leading suppliers for refurbished gym equipment. We buy and sell an extensive range of gym equipment from a variety of different brands that include Technogym, Precor and Life Fitness. We supply and install all types of gym kit such as treadmills, spin bikes, weight machines, cross

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workout food

What to eat pre and post workout

To get the most out of your workouts, you need make sure you’re fuelling your body properly before and after you exercise so you stay energised throughout your training and put all those nutrients lost back into the body once you’re finished exercising. So what are the best foods and drinks to consume before and

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exercise and mental health benefits

Mental health benefits of exercise

We all know that working out and exercising has a positive impact on our wellbeing physically…Physical activity can boost endurance, flexibility, help you build muscle and lose weight. However, partaking in regular exercise isn’t just good for our physical appearance it is also extremely beneficial for ones mental wellbeing as well. In fact, not being

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abs are made in the kitchen

Abs are made in the kitchen

Looking to define your abs or achieve a six pack? You need to start by looking at your diet in terms of the food your fuel your body with before and after your workout. Have you ever looked at that last slice of pizza and thought ‘well I can burn that off on the treadmill

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Expert gym consultancy for new facilities

Physique Sports Ltd are the largest leading suppliers of refurbished gym and fitness equipment in the UK. We have purchased and remanufactured a huge variety of brands such as Life Fitness, Precor, Techonogym and Hammer Strength. We supply all types of gym kit and fitness equipment including bikes, cross-trainers, treadmills, rowing machines and weight machines.

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School gym rental packages

Children’s exercise equipment Physique Sports Ltd are the UK’s largest suppliers of refurbished fitness equipment. We supply a huge range of fitness-equipment to all types of facilities including schools, colleges and universities. In addition to supplying and selling to facilities such as health clubs and leisure centres, we also provide and offer all inclusive gym

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