In order to ensure the success of your gym and it’s facilities Physique Sports also has a range of further support and additional gym services to help assist you.

We are a privately owned company with years of experience enabling us to customise our products and gym services around our customers’ needs.

Testing wall mounted equipment

With the new Health and Safety Laws out, it is important that Risk Assessments are carried out on all areas within your facility, especially when you start looking at equipment bolted to the ceiling and see the walls that people are using the equipment from or relying on for support. This is why Physique Sports have invested in a Stress Testing Machine and staff training for these particular products.

This does not mean that you will not have to do a Risk Assessment, but will nicely go alongside your Risk Assessment, giving you a competent engineer report and a certificate (much like an MOT on a car) that documents the day that this product was tested, and whether or not the product passed or failed a Stress Test. Importantly, this means that you as a company can show that you have done everything possible to check that the equipment is safe to use. We validate these certificates for a 1-year period, unless the equipment has been moved or the bolts have been adjusted.

Bespoke Branding and Upholstery

We know how each club has it’s own branding which is distinctive to their name and reinforcing with your members helps with that extra touch of professionalism. We can provide different options for custom branding your own gym equipment. A popular service for branding is our customised free weights with your company logo giving them a high quality finish from Jordan. Our additional upholstery service can give you the option of  bespoke upholstery colours specific to your branding along with your gym logo. Adding branding throughout your facility which can emphasis your gyms unique design and tie the whole concept together. We offer on-site upholstery repairs from our skilled upholsterer who can repair your kit in his full equipped van at your site. All pads and covers can be replaced giving your equipment a fresh and new look with minimal down time.

Further Gym Services

We are proud that we offer more than just gym equipment and we can offer you the full solution from installation, re-manufacturing, branding and more.

If you would like to find out more about Physique Sports additional gym services please call us on 01282 856830.